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Vetrii IAS2:00 AM - 7:30 PM

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Course Duration

6 Months

Class Duration

5:30 Hours Per Day

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Comprehensive coverage:

  • Quality&Detailed Focus On The Entire Syllabus
  • Separate Classes For paper I(5 Classes)&Paper II(60 Classes
  • Totally 50 tests and Inclusive Of Study Materials For Each Unit

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Why Vetrii’s TNPSC Group II/IIA Mains Test Series?

  • 1. Our simple, practical and focused approach will help the aspirants to understand the demand of TNPSC exam effectively.
  • 2. Our strategy is to constantly innovate to keep the preparation process dynamic and give personalized attention to individual aspirants based on factors like concept clarity, availability of time, resource and the latest requirement of TNPSC Exam.

What is Vetrii’s Eligibility Test?

  • 1. Answer writing skill development, Structure & presentation of answer.
  • 2. How to present facts, examples, data, arguments, critical analysis, information & knowledge in the answer.
  • 3. Understanding actual requirement (key words, Context & Content) of the TNPSC in the different types of questions and how the questions should be attempted for good score (strategy & approach).
  • 4. Understanding your current readiness & required action plans and framing your mind towards actual pattern, toughness and timing of the actual TNPSC Examination.

Tamil Eligibility Test

  • 1. We have included free Test Tamil Eligibility classes with this Test Series to help you prepare well before your exam
  • 2. Our experienced faculty will explain concepts in Tamil based on the syllabus provided in Tamil Eligibility.
  • 3. We explain everything from the basics to advanced so that English Medium students also find it easy to understand.

How vetrii’s Mains study material will help?

  • 1. The comprehensive study material is prepared by most experienced members of Vetrii R&D which focuses on developing advanced level skills in student.
  • 2. Study material booklet focuses on boosting confidence of student for facing topic wise Question on latest pattern.
  • 3. The content of the study material is deeply researched and developed from time to time to keep pace with the changing syllabus and the resulting needs of the students.
  • 4. The advance level problems along with each topic are specially designed to give the students an in-depth understanding of the particular subject and prepare them to stay ahead in the competition.

Vetrii’s Evaluation Methodology

  • 1. Evaluation process focuses on assessing the answers on three dimensions –
    • a. Concepts
    • b. Structure
    • c. Time Management
    • 2. Focus on providing Answer sheet specific workable comments to aspirants so that they know specifically what fetched those marks and what didn’t work for them.

Why One on One Feedback after Evaluation?

  • 1. The general perception of joining any test series by aspirants is evaluation & assessment of their preparation. But after assessment, improvement in marks is also important.
  • 2. We conduct one on one feedback with concerned faculty/TNPSC Toppers after evaluation of every test.
  • 3. While interacting with faculty aspirants get an idea How to improve marks in a particular question and help you identify your strengths and specific weakness through qualitative feedback and will guide you to work upon them in a concerted manner to develop quality content, refine answer writing skill, and efficient time management.
  • 4.For the Postal/online mode of Test series, there will be Telephonic one on one feedback facility.

Key Features of the Program

  • Well Structured Course & Test plan.
  • Highly qualified and experienced faculty members who have vast knowledge in the field of TNPSC.
  • Mentoring programme to enrich the knowledge of the students about the course.
  • The detailed explanatory materials will be provided for Tamil and English medium separately.
  • Inclusive of Test series (50 Tests) with Individual feedback session.
  • Students Reference Library is available with GR-II Toppers reference papers.
  • Individual Attention on Aspirants & guide them into right path to success.

fees structure

Centre Date Timings Tuition Fees

23-BATCH-2 : 23 Jul 2023

2:00 AM - 7:30 PM

45000 /- (Including 18% GST)

Note: For Postal / Online Students Rs. 1000 extra for Courier Charges.

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