Terms & Conditions

Course fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. Under any circumstances, it cannot be adjusted (fully as well as partly) in any other course.

It is responsibility of students to notify change in address and contact number in writing to the concerned authorities in the office within the time span of 7-10 days.

Students need to attend class on a regular basis. If they remain absent for over a week continuously, they need to submit written leave application to the Centre Head duly signed by their parents or guardian. In case of absenteeism for a very long time without any prior information, the admission will deem cancelled without any prior notice to parents or students. In such cases, no refund of fee (partly or fully) takes place.

Students need to fulfill eligibility criteria before appearing in entrance examination or course. The institute neither holds nor undertakes any responsibility in case the concerned examination body on any grounds whatsoever rejects submitted admission form.

Vetrii IAS Study circle reserves the right to use students’ testimonial letters or photograph in promotional material of the institute. Vetrii IAS Study circle is not liable for any legal claims or proceeding arising from guardian/parents/students.

Parents need to take prior appointment from Center Head to enquire about their ward’s performance.

As per Negotiable Instrument Act, Vetrii IAS Study circle reserves the right to take appropriate action against student/guardian/parents in case of dishonor of cheque or stop payment of cheque request for any reason. For every dishonored cheque, Institute will charge INR 250/-. The fee taken in lieu of dishonored cheque shall be strictly paid via Pay order/Bank Demand Draft /Cash only.

The students should preserve and protect the institute’s property with absolute care.

With all course fee, GST is applicable (at the existing rate of 18%). Any increase in GST by the Government of India will be borne by the students and it is applicable from the date of notification. Service tax is chargeable on net fees (net fee is total fee less scholarship fee granted by Institute to students).

Students enrolled with Vetrii IAS Study circle, are liable to maintain adequate decorum of the institute all time. Indiscipline or misbehavior of any form by students/parents/guardian with staff or any other faculty members would lead to rustication/suspension. In all such cases, the decision of management will deem as final and binding on parent/students.

Without the prior permission of the Centre Head, no visitor is allowed to meet with any student inside the Institute’s premises.

Students need to disclose and submit the admit card (containing entrance exam roll), photocopies of application form of the competitive exams in which they are planning to appear.

During classroom sessions, students are not allowed to carry I-pods and mobile phones. They are not allowed to bring such gadgets in Institute’s premises. Even if they bring, they need to deposit these gadgets at the front desk before attending their classes. Institute does not take responsibility in case of any theft/damage/loss of such gadgets,

Enrolled students at Vetrii IAS Study circle are issued Identity card. Entry in the institute and classrooms is permitted via I-card. In case of lost or misplaced of I-card, duplicate I-card is issued at a fee of INR 100/-. Misuse of the I-card by any student leads to immediate rustication from the Institute.

During classroom session, it is mandate to bring bag and study material. If students lost or misplaced bag, duplicate package of book set can be obtained by making some extra payment.

In case bag provided to students by institute lost or misplaced, a new bag is issued after making payment of INR 300/-.

In case of any mishap occurs inside the premises of Vetrii IAS Study circle from instances which are beyond human control like natural calamity, flood, earthquake, fire, short circuit, etc., Institute is not liable in any manner.

If any student is late by 10 minutes or more, s/he is not allowed to attend the class for that particular day.

Vetrii IAS Study circle holds the right to make changes in exam venue/center/course program/ time duration /days of classes/terms and conditions without any prior notice to students/parents/guardians. The decision of Management will be final and binding on every party.

At the time of enrollment, students need to pay registration fees and two passport-sized photographs. Afterwards, the registration fees will be adjusted in the total fees.

Students are liable to pay either full fee or as per payment plan. Both parents and students need to sign Fees Settlement plans and pay fee accordingly. Once students or parents sign fee plan, it is non-refundable and not changeable.

If parents or students are paying fee in installments, they need to submit Account payee local PDC’s to the Institute at the admission time.

There may be variation in course fee from one state and center to another.

Institute holds the right to send informative Emails/SMS or make phone calls to parents/guardians/students without any legal liability.

It is believed that at the time of taking admission in Vetrii IAS Study circle in any course, students and parents have read and understood the terms and conditions and agreeing upon the same.

The Institute is not liable to entertain parking request of Students/Guardians/Visitors/Parents.

In case of any mis-interpretation/difference/dispute between guardians/parents/students regarding the terms and conditions, dispute arising out of, non-payment of claim or in pursuant of terms and conditions, the same is referred to Sole Arbitrator, who will be appointed by M.D. of Vetrii IAS Study circle The proceedings will take place at New Delhi under the provisions of Arbitration & Conciliation Act 1996 & statutory modification thereof and exclusively the Delhi Courts have the jurisdiction over such matters or enforcement as the case may be. In case an Arbitrator refuses to act or does not entertain after entering into the reference proceedings or kept in abeyance or not proceeded with, M.D. of Vetrii IAS Study circle is legally bind to appoint another Arbitrator as the manner aforesaid. Such person should proceed forward from the stage left by his predecessor provided both the parties give their consent thereof, falling which Arbitrator is entitled to proceed denovo.

Subject to clause 28, exclusive Jurisdiction in matter vest with New Delhi/Delhi Courts only.